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HanfordADR is an Alternative Dispute Resolution practice based in New York City with expertise in every facet of dispute resolution including mediation, ADR counseling, arbitration, and negotiation, providing services at all stages of the dispute resolution process.

ADR Services

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HanfordADR is equipped to provide clients with:

ADR Counseling

Areas of ADR expertise:

Employment Discrimination
Sexual Harassment
Insurance Law
Family Law


ADR Expertise

With experience across multiple areas of business and legal practice, HanfordADR is specially situated to provide the most professional dispute resolution expertise. Leveraging the sophistication that comes with decades of producing solutions for both professionals and institutions—synthesizing an optimal strategy outside of litigation and recommending the appropriate alternatives—HanfordADR is skilled at effectively addressing the concerns of all parties involved. Depending on the specifics of your matter, HanfordADR can provide you with a mediator, arbitrator or negotiator, and is also available to deliver ADR counseling to determine your needs.

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Maria V. Hanford

Maria Hanford
Maria V. Hanford, FCIArb.
Maria V. Hanford, FCIArb. is especially known for her interpersonal skills as well as her ability to identify the significant elements of a case. Hanford utilizes her extensive ADR training—including negotiation training at Harvard Law School—along with her decades of experience, at every stage of the dispute resolution process. For more information about Hanford's experience and credentials, view her complete professional bio at hanfordlawgroup.com.
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